Mission Statement

EAPAA is committed to the development of best practice Employee Assistance Programs throughout Australasia.

The role and responsibility of EAPAA is to:

  • provide guidance for quality control for EAPs in Australasia
  • define professional and ethical standards in EAP provision
  • to provide recommendations for qualifications and issues of accreditation in service provision
  • to provide information and advice to organisations with regards to standards of program design and operations
  • to promote the concept and implementation of EAPs throughout Australasian organisations
  • to support, provide research, development and training within the EAP profession to provide a forum for networking within the EAP community

What is the Employee Assistance Professional Association of Australasia (Inc)

EAPAA is a National Professional Association with International Affiliation which aims to ensure the highest professional and ethical standards in EAP provision in Australasia. EAPAA embraces the international definition of EAPs which states:

An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a work-based early intervention aimed at the early identification and /or resolution of both work and personal problems that may adversely affect performance. These problems may include, but are not limited to health, marital/relationships, family, financial, substance abuse or emotional concerns. The specific core activities of EAPs include:

  1. expert consultation and training in the identification and resolution of job-performance issues related to the aforementioned employee personal concerns;
  2. confidential and timely problem-assessment, diagnosis, treatment or referral to an appropriate community resource;
  3. the formation of internal and external linkages between the workplace and community resources not available within the scope of the EAP.”

EAPAA Conference

30-31 October 2023
Sydney Hilton Hotel

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Chief Executive Officer, EAPAA
2/88 Victoria ave Chatswood 2067


Phone: 61 (0)2-9882-2688