Pricing Information

We appreciate that it can be difficult to understand pricing with different EAP’s offering different options and also the variety of services being offered and procured. We have therefore come up with some pricing guidelines to assist you in this space.

Pricing Options

Typically, providers will offer two options for payment of core services but on occasion may offer one option only depending on their organisation:

  1. Fee for service – hourly rate or per package rate for service types including counselling, critical incident response, training, mediation, assessments, outplacement etc. Fee for service pricing may stil involve a set up or administration fee which would be outlined, with all other service being paid for on a usage basis.
  2. Annualised retainer – This is where there is a set fee for services over an annual or contract period. Retainer will generally have an allocation of hours contained in the structure which is set based on information from the organisation. Retainer pricing is generally calculated based on the organisation’s utilisation rate, price per hour for service, management/administration fees and additional services provided (reports, marketing materials, digital platforms and other requested services)

When organisations seek pricing from an EAP, the EAP provider will take the following aspects into consideration:

  • Location of service delivery
  • Mode of service delivery
  • Industry type and/or workforce demographics
  • Type of clinicians or specialists required (EG language, cultural, technical or qualifications)
  • Volume of services requested
  • KPI’s
  • Expectations around account management and reporting

When reviewing pricing between EAP’s, make sure you are looking at like for like pricing models and also clarifying what services will be provided for the rates, this will ensure you choose a provider that is value for money and can meet your full requirements.

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